In the increasingly complex and sophisticated financial landscape, the Independent Asset Management (IAM) model has emerged as the ideal solution that gives clients the best of both worlds.

For our clients, this means access to unbiased advice from Thirdrock that is truly aligned with their interests and goals, along with peace of mind that they retain full control over their investments held in top-tier banks of their choice, enjoying the global network, infrastructure, systems and services that these banks may offer.

As our client’s personal adviser with no affiliation to any bank or service provider, we sit next to our clients at the table. Our solutions are tailored with our clients’ goals and risk tolerance in mind, and focused at providing cost efficiencies and quality of products.

Beyond providing our investment expertise, Thirdrock also helps our clients ensure accuracy in execution and accounts reconciliation, serving as a critical check-and-balance in their dealings with the banks.

Comparison of the Traditional Wealth Management Model and the IAM Model

  • Under the IAM model, clients manage their assets via an independent adviser (Thirdrock) instead of a bank adviser, based on a Limited Power of Attorney.
  • The LPOA allows Thirdrock to efficiently manage the account, but does not allow for transfer of asset out of the account; and clients continue to enjoy the infrastructure, security and services of a bank or custodian.
  • As an independently owned company, we are in the position to offer objective, independent advice or discretionary portfolio strategies, and source for products that are truly aligned with the clients’ needs, empowered by universal banking capabilities.

Traditional Model

IAM Model

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